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Recognized and Commended by
Dr. Henry Blackaby

Dr. Henry Blackaby has a special love for Native American people and is convinced that if revival is to come to America again, it will most likely come through Native Americans.

Dr. Henry Blackaby is an Internationally recognized author, teacher and conference speaker.

Among the many books He has written, Experiencing God :Knowing and doing the will of God, has sold over 7 million copies and has been translated into 45 different languages.

Dr. Henry Blackaby is recognized as an authority on Prayer and Spiritual Awakening.

Gospel Partnerships

We hope to connect Pastors in Indian work to churches and Individuals, who will encourage them, partner with them for short term missions activities and possibly provide some financial assistance.

MSM also hopes to be able to provide the resources that will help Ministers to attend leadership conferences, retreats and other helpful times of refreshment and encouragement.

Pray about the idea of partnering your church with a Native American work. This partnership might involve prayer, encouragement, a Missions trip and possibly some financial assistance.

Any involvement your church can have in this effort would benefit everybody involved. Would You like to see Your church more excited about Kingdom work?

Perhaps MSM can help You connect to an existing work or be involved in a new church plant. It is a fact that as people become more involved in the Lord's work, their joy and satisfaction in life is significantly

When Believers are excited....everybody benefits.