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By the grace of our God, we have reached out to the precious people of Africa and the Philippines. We conduct Church Leadership Training, Church Planting, Evangelism, Building Construction, Medical and Dental missions.

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Morning Star Ministries is committed to reaching the American Indian with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have determined to do so by encouraging established works, providing resources for new works and promoting the interest and concern of all those who love and care for the spiritual well being of the Native American community.

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We are a 501-C3 non-profit so your gifts are tax-deductible. You can make a contribution right here on the website or you can send to

               MSM , Box 220,

           Pembroke, NC 28372

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Recognized and Commended

During a recent Prayer for Spiritual Awakening Conference in Pembroke, NC.

Dr. Henry Blackaby acknowledged and gave some very kind and encouraging remarks for the Morning Star Ministries.

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God has been Faithful to us as we have sought His leadership in the past years. MSM exist to share the message of the Gospel Of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. Our primary focus is Native Americans, but we welcome any opportunity to minister, anywhere God would give us opportunity and direction.

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                      Morning Star Ministries
                               January 2024
Greetings in the Wonderful, Matchless name of Jesus Christ. Please let me wish you a Happy New Years, in the hope and prayer that this new year will bring you peace, joy and fruitfulness, like you have never known. While it is true that we live in a world of confusion, fear, and un-certainty, as Believers in Christ, as the Sovereign Lord over time and circumstances. We reject the notion that we must live in fear and dread of the days ahead. As people who have made a decision to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord. We live in the confidence that our God , who has so graciously saved us from all sin, is also capable of keeping us from sin, that He might present us faultless one day before His Father in Heaven. What a glorious thought that we are saved and secure by the blood of the Lamb. 2024 holds no circumstance nor possibility that would test the power and determination of God to care for those who have decided to follow Him. We are more than victorious in Christ, Gods Son.
We had many great opportunities on 2023 to share the Love of God and the Message of Salvation across America and around the world. During the Holiday Season we had several projects that we participated in and many that we sponsored to make sure that Children were made to rejoice because of the Savior’s birth. Our major project was our Annual Native American Christmas Gift Project. We had about 20 churches, businesses and Individuals who participated in this project and we were able to send out 8 pallets of toys, clothes, and gifts to 4 Native American communities in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. 100’s of Children was presented a Christmas gift We also had several homemade blankets that we presented to some Elders. Pastor Terry (Ike) Cummings and I went to participate in the giveaways in Colorado (Ute Mountain Tribe), Cuba, New Mexico (Navaho) and in Grants, New Mexico (Navaho). Preacher Roscoe Emanuel shared the gifts to the Hopi Tribe in Arizona. We will soon have a video presentation of the project and will post it on our website. 

We sponsor a Childrens Ministry in Davao, Philippines, The Children of the Morning Star, who enjoy doing Drama to Gospel songs and who provide special entertainment for Educational, Governmental and social gatherings in Davao. They have been asked to perform for some very important activities and are recognized in their community in a special way. We provided a Christmas party for them during the Holidays.

We have finished building the Orphanage in Myanmar. It will accommodate about 20 children who are in need of Orphan Care. .

Thanks to the Children’s Ministry of Bethany Christian Fellowship and to the Locklear Family for the purchase of 2 cows for the Candlelight Childrens Ministry in Kenya, Africa. One cow has already given birth to a calf. The Children are now drinking daily milk that is helping them to become healthier.

Your gift to this ministry enables us to share the Love of God and the message of Salvation across America and around the world. On behalf of all those who are blessed by our efforts, thank You for your prayers, gifts, and words of encouragement. We are expecting to have many projects in 2024 and we will keep You informed as we go along. God Bless You and God Bless Morning Star Ministries.

Morning Star Ministries, Box 220,
              Pembroke, NC 28372,             Pastor Charles Locklear, Ministry Director,
 Pastor Chris Hunt, Sec-Treas, 
Bro. Jim Hunt, Board Chairman
 (910) 734-8795