Morning Star


October 2020

As we approach the Fall of 2020, there is a sense of fear and dread across the globe like I have never seen in my lifetime.

Depending on who you choose to believe, there is a report that with the colder weather, there will come a 2nd wave of the Covid virus, even worse than what we have already witnessed. If this turns out to be true, then we can expect to see the hopelessness and despair that has gripped America for months, to multiply.

I am an optimist, but I am also a realist. I tend to side with the scientist who have given their lives to the study of infectious diseases.

I am praying that God will intervene and according to His own good pleasure and timing, bring a solution to this pandemic and allow people to get back to their normal routines, as much as possible.

I do not think we will ever see what has been normal to most of us, of any age, but at least a predictable routine of work and worship.

The one thing, of which I am absolutely certain, is that God is still in control, and will forever be in control.

Nobody can say of certainty, what tomorrow holds, but people of faith know who holds tomorrow.

It is in this faith we get up every day, ready to face the world and whatever circumstances may present themselves to us during the day.

Ps 91:2

I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

Because travel has been restricted, Morning Star has not been outside the country this year. Both our trips, to the Philippines and to Africa were cancelled.

We have continued to minister with our partners in both countries, building churches and supporting ongoing mission work. We also had the privilege to teach online, in a Bible College in Kenya, Africa.

We are looking forward to 2021 in the hopes that we might go to both countries if the Lord says so.

Ministry Updates

Morning Star has not been able to travel this year, but we have been busy with our partners across America to assist in mission work. Here is a list of some of our activities.

We recently were given a pallet load of Campbell Soup, which we shared with Benson Chapel Baptist Church, who took it to Louisiana to the Houma Tribe, which was devastated by the recent storms. Campbell Soup has been a faithful partner for many years and provides us a pallet load of soup several times each year.

The Andrew Locklear Memorial Mission Fund has enabled us to provide gifts to several Children’s Ministries across America and around the world. This would Include, The Wildcat Christian Academy near Gallup, New Mexico. The Lamp Children’s Ministry in the Philippines, The Bright Morning Star Children’s Ministry in the Philippines.

The Immanuel Mission and Orphanage in Myanmar. Andrew Loved children and we have decided to use His Mission Fund to help with Children’s Ministries as much as possible. We continue to receive contributions toward the Fund, and it is our hope and prayer that we will be able to support Children’s work until the Lord comes.

Morning Star has been asked to also consider a Project to help a Native Tribe in Colorado and we are in the process of putting the project together. Some of the living conditions on some of the Indian Reservations are beyond belief. One of our goals at MSM had been to help improve the well-being of Native people where conditions call for help.

To get an open door for the Gospel to be presented in some areas, its necessary to show concern for the people’s physical needs first. We understand this is the way things happen in some places and we welcome the opportunity to help in any way we can. In fact, in our first year after organizing, we placed heaters in 12 churches and schools on the Navaho Reservation in New Mexico. We did so with the understanding that the churches would make the warm buildings available to the community during the cold winter storms. As Jesus cared for the whole man, by providing food, healing, and deliverance, we also see the value of addressing the needs of Individuals, sometimes before introducing the Gospel.

One of our goals from the beginning, has been dream of having a building where we could store food, clothing, furniture and have office space as well. We believe that building does exist, and we are praying that God would make it available to us. We have access to so much free stuff, but we do not have a place to store it. Pray with us that a building might become available so we can expand our ministry to the needy.

Another goal has been, to come to the place where we can provide support to help place a Minister in a Native American Community where there is a desperate need for the Gospel to be shared. There are many Native communities that need a church plant or a minister to come and provide ministry in an existing church. This would be a bold step for us, but no step at all For the Lord. I hope to live to see the day when MSM is the primary support for a Pastor who is living and serving in a Native community.

Even while we are forced to limit our activity because of the Covid, God is at work, preparing the field unto harvest, getting doors of opportunity ready to be opened and preparing our hearts to respond by faith to the needs of the Native American community. While we do have a heart for International Missions, it has been and will always be our first priority, to reach the American Indian with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks for your partnership with us, to pray for, encourage and provide the resources to meet our goals.

Our challenge to you...
Continue to pray for our wisdom and discernment to know and follow the Lord’s will.
Continue your financial support that enables us to meet our goals.
Share our vision with your church, your friends, your business associates, etc.
Share with us, others you think would be interested in hearing more about the Ministry.

(Text us a number or address)
Plan to join us on a Mission trip when traveling resumes.

Christmas Shoe-Box Project

We are once again this year putting together a Christmas shoe-box project that will once again be shared with Native American Tribes in Western Oklahoma.

We are working with Bro. Gary Hawkins to complete this project. We will meet Bro. Gary in Nashville the Monday after Thanksgiving with the boxes and He will take them back to Oklahoma to be distributed.

We have several churches who are participating in the project and we welcome others to participate as well.

We also invite others to share in the expenses of getting the boxes to Oklahoma, if you would like to help with this project.

Thanks, on behalf of the precious children who will be blessed at Christmas time with perhaps the only gift they will receive.