March 26, 2012
Today was a sad day in MSM as we laid to rest one of our legendary Ministers in Lumbee Country. The Life of Rev. C.M. Cummings was  celebrated and 
He was buried  in His family cemetery near Pembroke, NC. Pastor Cummings was a favorite among Native Pastors and Licensed and Ordained Pastor Charles P. Locklear and Pastor Chris Hunt ( His Son-in Law)  to the Gospel Ministry. He was also a mentor to many other young Native Preachers. He will be sorely missed but we rejoice that He is in the presence of the Lord. He was  89  and had been preaching for 71 yrs. Pray for His wife of 64 years and
 His family. Thanks be to God for this great man of God.
APRIL 2013
"I am in the process of building the team for my 8th trip to the Philippines in April. if you have ever considered an International Mission trip, then perhaps this would be the year to make it happen. The trip will last about 11 days. If you want more info feel free to contact me at 910 734 8795. This is a medical, dental and teaching-preaching effort. We can use folks with any skills and talents. Pray about it and then contact me..."

A Mission Team from the Oakmont Baptist Church in Greenville, NC recently went to Oklahoma to construct a new church building, for a Cherokee Indian congretation. A full report will be published soon. We welcome the opportunity to discuss such an effort with your church or community group. Perhaps you have thought about, prayed about and hope to one day be a part of such an effort. Contact us for more information. We welcome the privilege to meet with you and share some opportunities.


Operation Bible in Every Home 
The gospel of Christ was shared to every family in the community and the missions team prayed for them, and gave them Bibles and Medical assistance. 
Operation Bible in Every Home 
Sharing the love of God to the community in Pangasinan, Philippines. Going to small communities to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Operation Healing Hands 
Rev. Charles Locklear share God's word to celebrate life as we live it for Christ and to comfort the family of our beloved Aaron Nathaniel Sembrana. (below)
Operation Medical Assistance 
Caring for people by giving medical and dental assistance. You are welcome to be a prayer partner and a volunteer on the upcoming Missions in the Philippines.